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1. Interview questions and answers "Tell me about yourself".

The answer seems easy but it isn't that easy. The answer to this questions should be in a particular order highlighting all the achievements of your life.

Best answer is: A brief introduction about yourself. Avoid putting any prefix titles in your name and don't use the word 'Myself' while introducing yourself (Myself Mr. Albert). Prefer saying your full name. e.g. My name is Albert Einstein. I graduated with a Masters/Bachelors/Doctorate degree in Computer Science Engineering / Management from ABC University with a gold medal this year (in the year 2010).

If you have worked in a company, say a brief summary of your past positions held and major job responsibilities Ex: From 2010 to 2013, I worked as a Sr. General Manager in Quality Control Department of XYZ Corp. where my main job was to keep a check on the conformance of quality of our products with BIS / ISO. You can also tell them the experiences that you have gained and challenges which you have faced in your past job. But then be ready to answer why have you left a particular job? or why do you want to leave that job?

Next, mention some of your hobbies and abilities. Now the catch here is in the hobbies. Tell your hobbies that are related to the job you have applied for. Suppose you are applying in an IT company, then you can mention something like I love answering questions related to Java in online public forms or blog about .net framework. If you are applying for a job that requires creativity, then you can say painting or drawing. Oh, and be truthful. Only say hobbies you actually do. Don‘t make it up as you go, because you may face questions on your hobbies too. So whatever answer you have planned to give for this question, start working on that hobby from today to gets its clear understanding as you wouldn't want to be stuck in a sticky situation like that if you didn't know at all about your hobby, would you? Another point is to be specific in your hobbies. For example, rather than saying 'reading books', say "reading Sci-Fi books, specially written by Mr. X as they help me to think about future technologies that one should try to develop". Remember the information should be truthful. It will give a fullness to the answer. This can be a trump card at times because sometimes the interviewer may be in sync with your hobbies. This will make a more positive atmosphere in the interview. Hence the hobbies can be a game changer here.

When you are talking about your abilities, make sure to connect them with the company’s requirements as well. Solving puzzles like Rubik cubes can be a good example of your extra non academic ability, This shows you love challenging tasks and have the capability to get through them

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2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This job interview question is a land mine. You may or may not get it. But if you do get it, getting through it will be a little tough. But if you know the secret interview technique, its cake walk. Lets do the strengths first:

Strengths should be truthful and sound. Say something technical that you are really good at and you know it. Don’t bluff as the interviewer will verify the strength by cross questioning on the strengths you say. Don’t get cornered by this manoeuvre.

Now the key to answer weakness is hiding the truth and not lying. Never say you don’t have any weakness, because even superman has a weakness. No one is perfect in the world. There is a good way to tackle to this situation: Mention a weakness which is actually your strength like I am workaholic, I love to work so much that sometimes I ignore other aspects of my life or I loose my sleep, If I have an unsolved challenge. These seems like weaknesses but are in fact strengths. The way you frame it is important. Also mention the fact that you are working in the direction to remove this weakness.

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