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Here are some helpful tips for job interview, preparing for interview questions. This article will answer your question: "How can I prepare for interview?" These ideas will fetch you, your dream job. This article also contains common interview questions and the best answers for them, which applies to any type of company and interview, like online interview, telephone interview, web interview, university interview, and not a specific academic branch of study or department. This article will present interview questions for managers, job interview questions for employers, , technical support interview questions. In fact any area or branch of life has a common set of questions about which this article will talk about. This article will show you the secrets of company interviews that will help you to excel in them. There are certain Interview Title picture minprocedures you must follow if you want to get a dream job. When you are focused on the goal, there is nothing you can't do. This article will explain the concept in just three simple steps for you to get a job in the best company you can. These tips will be useful in your endeavors.

Step 1: Selecting a Company

Getting a proper job interview coaching, skills training followed by a proper job interview practice is very important to clear the interview in first attempt. Before companies select us, we must select a good set of candidate companies to go for. You may be wondering - "Which names come in the list of good company?". Well that is a hypothetical question. But it is very easy to answer the question - "Which names are not in the list ?". Here are some steps for your selection process to get a preference list:

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  1. Get the list of all companies you like from the placement cell related to your department (if you are still studying in a college / institute) or by searching the web in case of off campus placement.

  2. Filter the list according to their eligibility criteria i.e filter out those companies for which you are not eligible to apply. This will shorten the list significantly.

  3. Check your interests with the company's current technological focus. See if you are in a sync with the company's interests and filter out any company that doesn't match with your requirements.

  4. Order the companies as per salary packages, employee satisfaction, and location of posting. You must order the companies according to your own preferences in these factors. Have a clear understanding of the terms CTC (Cost To Company), Gross, and Net salary. The net salary is the most important amount to look for. Its the amount which you take home or get in account every month.

  5. See for well established companies. Companies that lasted for more than 15 years or so are good to pick. You may go for startups but check if they are backed up by a good seed funding institution. Startups may have a small risk of closing down. So act accordingly. After these steps you will have a preference list of companies to apply for a job. Sometimes when you're in an institute / college, you may have limited application chances, so pick accordingly and have the list ready. This will help you in getting in a 'good company.'

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