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Are you tired of following others? Do you want to set the path, which others desire to follow? Are you the one who always dream of a chance for coming out from the crowd? Do you find yourself unable in leading and managing people or team? If the answer is yes, then you must know what Leadership is all about and what skills are required for that. If one develops these skills, they definitely and always help the person in every situation or field of life. These situations may be technical, administrative or even political where leadership skill is very crucial. So go ahead and read more to know the skills of leadership......

3g 4g 5g technology pdf

4G's successor is already on its way to get launched in 2018 by Swedish-Finnish mobile service provider TeliaSonera, and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. The 5th Generation Mobile Network will soon be seen implemented in Stockholm and Tallinn. This article explains some of the very basic non technical facts about 5G mobile network , which every common man should know. Such as What is it? How can it help you? What are its advantages? What are its implementation complexities? Applications of 5G Network?

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