virtual reality research

On 23 June 2016 Wall Street Journal published an article that raised the question is Virtual Reality the next frontier in Marketing? On 24 June 2016 Cool pad came in news when it launched its VR 1x Virtual Reality head set only for ₹999 ($15 Approx). Global VR market is expected to be of $120 billion by 2020 but what is Virtual Reality? VR can take you to the grassy fields of Scotland while you're at home. VR can give you experience of a roller coaster ride while you are sitting on your sofa. All this can be done in the world of Virtual Reality, where the impossible becomes possible. It is taking over the world by storm with the advent of many products like the Oculus, Google glass and Samsung Gear VR. Read more to know about Virtual Reality concepts in simple words.

8k resolution tv

LG surprised everyone by bringing a 98 inch 8K Television to CES-2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) which was held from 06-January 2016 to 09-January 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Samsung was a small step ahead of LG as it featured its 98 inch 8K Curved Television. On 03-June 2016 Brazil’s Globo and Japan’s public broadcaster NHK made an announcement that they will be showcasing live 8K broadcasts for Rio-16 Olympics. 4K and 8K terms are now getting common in all corners of the world due to rapid growth in technological innovations but for a common man it's a must to understand these terms and their benefits before going to make a purchase as the cost of these products will significantly reduce the balance in the bank account of buyer. If you are interested to understand the basics of this technology or your are planning to buy a TV Screen, Desktop Monitor, Projector with 4K or 8K resolution then do read this article before making your purchase.

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