Raspberry Pi Projects

From a Coffee machine to a small academic project of building a rocket, Raspberry Pi (or the R Pi for short) can help in building them all. RPi is making its way to many basic as well as advanced research based applications as its a fully fledged computer that can fit into the palm of the hands. According to the Guardian Magazine February 2016, the Raspberry Foundation (makers of RPi) announced that they have sold 8 million units, making it the best selling UK personal computer. The fact by itself is indicative of the advantages and power that a small RPi has. With the recent release of Raspberry Pi 3, there is not only a lot of curiosity about the product in the minds of people but a lot of commotion too. Joining R Pi with the Arduino, opens up yet another possibilities for many engineering projects at low cost. Read More to know the basics, major features, project and setup of R Pi along with the challenges that are solved by Raspberry Pi 3 and its other generations.

negative effects of technology

Technology is a single term that sums up our life in present era. We are leading a life, which is technology driven. Car, television, computer, mobile etc., earlier considered as luxuries, now have become necessities of life. The reason behind our dependency over technology is very simple; it increases human efficiency while saving the spent time. The technology has expanded our connectivity through mobile and internet facility. The world has become ‘global village’ and any information is only ‘one click away’. Internet has made access to educational materials more convenient. With the help of technology, students have all the learning resources at the tip of their fingertips. One can contact friends and relatives who are living far in no time. Aviation technology has helped us in cutting time to travel for distant places and progressive technology in the agriculture field, has enabled us in meeting food requirements of people all over the world. Technology has made our lives easy in many ways; however, one cannot ignore its side effects. This article would throw some light on associated negative impacts that technology has at individual level and would discuss about the preventive and remedial measures.

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