Video Classification

Google announced the new Cloud Video Intelligence (CVI) API at Google Cloud Next on 08-March-2017. Here we explain in brief what is it, how one can use it and how will it help YouTube users, publishers and advertisers?

neural network cnn

This article talks about the deficiency in conventional image classification techniques of machine learning which brought Convolutional Neural Networks or ConvNets into the lime light for image classification. Convolutional Neural Networks can be shallow or deep. In this article we talk about the general architecture of a ConvNet which is a feather in the hat of deep learning. We also explain LeNet (LeNet5) which is one of the shallow Convolutional neural networks. We also analyze AlexNet which is a deep Convolutional neural network made by Alex Krizhevsky and finally we write about how AlexNet can be used to solve the problem of indoor scene recognition which is a common problem in AI.

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