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Getting admission in a reputed institute is not an easy task. What if you missed it? Is this the end of your bright career. No! as there are many online certificate courses, part time courses, even online colleges which provide free online courses that can give a kick start or boost to your career. In this article, I will mainly cover topics like availability of computer courses online (IT courses), business courses, advantages of online education, challenges in online training, some popular online certificate programs, some free online courses with certificates, along with the differences between full time regular college courses and online learning based courses. I will also give a review of some online colleges providing online computer courses and business

Lets begin with some Golden Rules:

  1. There is NO shortcut to success.
  2. Harder it is to get admission into the course / institute, more the value of that course / institute.
  3. There is NO alternate to hard work and most important...
  4. If due to some reason, you want to go for an online college course but along with the reason you also have a thirst to grow high in your career and you are willing to work hard then this article is especially for you.

This article talks about some online classes of online school or online universities providing online degree. How to get enrolled in it? Before enrollment, I would suggest considering for a regular college course rather than online courses and go for online college courses only when you are unable to attend regular college courses.
It could be due to one of the following reason:

  1. Family Problems which are forcing you to join a job at an early age.
  2. At a later age you realized for higher studies and feel shy to go to college and sit with young students.
  3. You already have a regular college degree and want to top up your knowledge with an online course in free time from your job.
  4. Any unavoidable circumstance which forced you to go for online programs rather than regular programs.
  5. Any other reason as a result of which, you are interested in joining only online colleges and not regular colleges.
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Advantages of Online Courses:

  1. Learn from the comfort of your home.
  2. Cheaper than regular courses.
  3. Repeat / Rewind as per need.
  4. Designed as per current market requirement i.e recruiter friendly or job friendly courses.
  5. Successful completion of the online courses, assures successful start of your career.

Normally the regular college course are traditional in nature and covers history and a lot of theory of the subject, which is not the requirement of current recruiters. Old aged faculties, if not willing to update them with time will only teach you what they had learned, when they were students (Outdated syllabus), this can take you no where in your career. Funny aspect is that many regular college courses students with degrees go for online colleges and online schools to learn the latest ideas, concepts and obtain knowledge as required by the high paying companies. Finding the best online colleges or online universities for getting an online degree looks to be very easy, but actually its not. If proper care is not taken before enrollment, for selection of an online course and an online college then student can suffer heavy loss of time and money by getting enrolled in any online degree program which has no market value.

Click next to read:

  1. Challenges faced by a student who is certified by online college course.
  2. Degree Vs Certificate Courses.
  3. Suggestion of some popular online courses which are in extreme demand and are a must to get a high paying industrial or research job.
  4. Review of some online colleges for free and paid online courses where you must enroll for your career boost.

Take a Break and Laugh with CompleteGATE Fun Bytes. Fun Bytes is a collection of comic / funny / humorous content, Especially for you!

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