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Are you tired of following others? Do you want to set the path, which others desire to follow? Are you the one who always dream of a chance for coming out from the crowd? Do you find yourself unable in leading and managing people or team? If the answer is yes, then you must know what Leadership is all about and what skills are required for that. If one develops these skills, they definitely and always help the person in every situation or field of life. These situations may be technical, administrative or even political where leadership skill is very crucial. So go ahead and read more to know the skills of leadership......

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Leadership SkillsIf I will say, we have progressed to that era where none of the questions are left unanswered, I will not be exaggerating.  There are many search engines, which will provide thousands of answers for your single query. We are surrounded by many sources of information from what to buy to where to study, from what to eat to how to cook. However, we are more inclined to use certain sources or we have some preferences over others. One may wonder what special an X company does to attract many customers and where the Y company fails. There may be many determinants including publicity strategies to the quality of service but one may not ignore one important determinant among all of them:

The Leadership Strategy

Take a Break and Laugh with CompleteGATE Fun Bytes. Fun Bytes is a collection of comic / funny / humorous content, Especially for you!

Leadership SkillsLeader is like the driver of the train upon whom it largely depends whether the train will complete its journey or bump into some unexpected accident. Leadership, this term has become a buzzword in contemporary scenario. From company to family, everywhere a leader is needed to lead with an ambition of the growth of the entire team. So one may wonder what actually leadership is? There are various definitions and approaches defining leadership and describing characteristics of a good leader. Nevertheless, most of them agree on the point that certain skills are required for being a successful leader.  Before going into technical details related to leadership, let us see what the leadership is all about! Leadership is a generic term, which loosely means ‘to lead’ or ‘to guide’. It requires one to choose the right and situational approach for directing bunch of people and attaining support from them to complete a common task. Hence, a leader coordinates among various skills and opinions and integrates them or select wisely for achieving a common organizational or familial goal(s). Daniel Goleman (2000) in his article Leadership that Gets Results” talks about six styles. Read next page to know about those six styles.


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