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The GATE Score Impact on Admission

simply tells the level of your intelligence, A topper of GATE in a particular subject and in a particular will always get 1000 marks no matter he scores 10 marks or 100 marks out of 100. He is the most intelligent person who appeared in the exam. You can use GATE Score to compare your level with students of other streams also like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Science etc. You can also use it to compare yourself with students of past years. Because with same GATE Score a person can apply for 2 years for admission and some courses are for students from different papers of GATE, The Admission committee uses GATE Score to select toppers for admission and not marks. If admission are to be given only for current year students with only 1 exam paper like CS then marks alone can be used. As an example consider the fact that a student named A got 70/100 marks in GATE CS 2015 along with a score of 900 and consider another student named B who has got 50/100 marks in GATE CS 2014 but this student is also the topper with a GATE Score of 1000. B will be given first preference for admission ignoring the fact that he got 20 marks less than A because it will be considered that GATE CS 2014 was tough as compared to GATE CS 2015 and B being the topper of GATE CS 2014 is more intelligent than A.

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Calculating The GATE Percentile

The simple formula to calculate the GATE Percentile is as follows:

((Total No of Students appeared in your subject- Your Rank)/(Total No of students-1))*100

Case Study:percent min

Suppose 200000 people appeared in the exam

Example 1 Your rank is 100
Percentile = ((200000-100)/(200000-1))*100 = 99.95%

Example 2 Your rank is 1
Percentile = ((200000-1)/(200000-1))*100 = 100%

Example 3 Your rank is 200000
Percentile = ((200000-200000)/(200000-1))*100 = 0%

A percentile of 99.99 is considered good for getting direct admission in IIT.

Continue Reading to know In which institute will you get admission on a particular GATE Rank / Score?


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