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Case study: Consider Mr. A got a rank 71 and a score of 820 and he is interested in joining M.Tech in CSE. After the declaration of results he will apply in all the IITs where he is interested to join, independently. We will ignore all students who have got a score of 819 and less, as they will not have any impact on the admission of Mr. A. Out of all 70 students having higher score than Mr A, only those who are interested to join M.Tech CSE in India will influence the admission of Mr. A. Do remember that some may even apply from previous year GATE Scores. Now take an institute say IITB. IITB will receive thousands of applications along with your application, After filtering and sorting out the applications It will release the list of say top 40 students based on GATE Score, who will get admission in its M.Tech program. Same way IITD will also release the list. But most of the names will be common in both lists so some of them will drop one of the institute and will join the other. The institute with vacant seats remaining will publish a second list from among the toppers who have applied in it. If your name is in that list then you will get the admission. So you may understand that once your rank gets higher than 30 it becomes hard to accurately predict the institute where you will get admission. But we suggest you to apply in all the institutes where you are willing to take admission. i.e all the institutes of your preference list. Then keep on waiting for the list to get published and take the decision accordingly of upgrading the institute or joining some other branch or course.

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