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To answer the question, that where will you get admission based on a particular rank, score, percentile or marks, first we have to understand the meaning of these words. These words are directly dependent on your performance in the GATE Exam, the better your performance, the better will be your Marks, Rank, Score and Percentile. You should aim to get a 870+ GATE Score and a rank of less than 100, ie single or double digit rank, to get admission in the institute of your choice.

percent minGate Marks

Calculated in the same way as marks of any other exam is calculated. In case of GATE you are given +1 or +2 for every correct answer, - 1/3 or -2/3 on every wrong answer and 0 marks for no attempt. (Marking  depends on type of questions and maximum marks of the question). Gate marks are calculated out of 100 and it may even be negative if you have wrongly answered most of the questions.

Gate Rank

GATE Rank also called as AIR or All India Rank tells how far are you from top in a particular year and in a particular subject. Every GATE Qualified Candidate is given a GATE Rank. Its an integer number which tells your position in the exam and paper for the year in which you have given the exam. Example AIR-30 in CS-15 means you are at the 30th position from top in Computer Science GATE Exam conducted in year 2015.

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GATE Score

GATE score is calculated out of 1000, unlike marks which are out of 100. It is calculated using a formula which can be found on organizing institute's website. In fact, this is the most important term used for admission and in declaring cut off s for call for Interview/Test and admission.

GATE Percentile

It is the percentage of people behind you (as per rank) in gate exam. The lower your rank is, higher will be the percentile. Toppers percentile is 100 and last rank holders percentile is 0.


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