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Applications of 5G Technology

  1. Self Driving Cars: Connected through high speed internet and human control as backup in case of emergency.

  2. Medical Services: Wearable gadgets will report vital signs to a central health command center which will warn and protect you from any possibility of your health getting in risk. Remote Surgery: Doctors can operate patient from remote locations during emergency using medical robots and 5G network.

  3. Logistics Services: Every item for delivery will be reporting its details through sensors and network connected by 5G in real time.

  4. Agriculture Services: Farmers can monitor their farms in real time using sensors.

  5. Security Services: Robots can be deployed and controlled in real time in hostage situation or during war.

The only obstacle in the way of 5G mobile network's successful deployment will be its cost. In countries like India,5g networkwhere many (not all) people drain out their data pack recharge in mid month and then wait for 15 days without internet to get a new recharge with next month's allocated budget, this service will remain a dream after for them after its launch due to extremely higher costs. This will also increase the financial burden on 5G users as the total count of such users will be less and mobile operators will try to recover all their operational costs and profits from this limited group of users.

We would like to know in Comments: Are you ready for 5G? What are your plans with such a high speed internet in your hands and how much are you willing to pay for it?

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