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What should be the size of screen / TV?

Size of the screen depends upon multiple factors like:

  1. Room size: Big room needs a bigger screen and decides the maximum distance available to sit and watch the screen.
  2. Budget: Is also a major factor which decides the screen size, as cost of screen increases with increase in size.
  3. Resolution: If the screen size is big and resolution is small, then a bad quality image will be seen as pixels will give a bad experience to the eyes of the viewer. Similarly, if resolution is high but screen size is small then eyes will not be able to completely enjoy the power of HD videos which includes the realistic feel of identifying even very small objects on screen with clarity. So if you can identify the pixels on the screen, then it means you should either move back or reduce the size of screen keeping the same resolution or increase the resolution keep the screen size fixed. You can sit as far as your room supports then measure the distance from the place where you plan to install screen. Buy the biggest screen which is as per your budget and is not showing you individual pixels of the screen. Best way is to test multiple screens of various sizes at a TV store or use this calculator to get an idea about the screen size, resolution and the distance of watching. 4K screens give the flexibility to go for bigger screen. For a viewing distance of up to 9ft, a 65-70in 4K screen will be good, a 98in 8K screen is good for distance up to 13.7 feet.

How far to sit from screen as per the size?

There is no hard rule to follow but some recommendations have been made regarding the same, like one of them is from THX. As TV screens are getting a curve, so its best to consult the manufacturer to know the ideal distance of viewing, as these formulas are designed for flat screens. Sitting too close to the screen may let one see individual pixels and one may also have to move his neck a lot to view the complete screen, this will be uncomfortable. On the other side, sitting too far from the screen will make one feel uneasy to look and read the text on screen. Moreover the viewer will not be able to enjoy the real like experience which manufacturer wanted to give. Minimum and Maximum distance to sit in front of the screen is based on the resolution and size of the screen, a good way to calculate it, is to use a calculator.

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Know cost & buy 4K and 8K television...

55in to 60in LED screens costs around ₹124000 to ₹150000 in India. Sharp started selling the first 8K television last year for $133000, this price is beyond the budget of upper middle class families and the product is made only for the wealthy community. The prices may be lower in countries where these screen are manufactured and also in those countries which are geographically close to the manufacturing countries. A good place to check the prices, configuration and buy the best television at cheapest price is on Amazon style=, as it ships world wide, just select international shipping on the left side menu and it will show you only those screens / televisions which are available for your country.

What are the other requirements for a 4K and 8K TV viewing?

Simply buying a 4K or 8K screen will not give any sharpness or clarity until one has other compatible equipment like a set top box. Also the content being broadcasted should be shot with a 4K or 8K camera, only then the complete video quality of such screens can be felt and experienced. Unfortunately, much of the contents are neither made nor broadcasted in 4K due to its cost of shooting and broadcasting bandwidth. There is no content available in 8K for viewing, except for some sample videos which screen manufacturers use to show their televisions in CES like activities. The device shown in the video is a Panavision camera that can shoot videos with 8K resolution. The camera is available only on rent and the company has not revealed the price for buying the camera. It was launched in early June 2016 at American Society of Cinematographers clubhouse. A good home theater along with a 4K / 8K television will turn the home into a cinema hall. Read the article about home theater here.

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