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What is 8K Resolution?

8K resolution is 7680 x 4320 which means 7680 dots from left to right and 4320 dots from top to down making a total of 3,31,77,600 dots. In terms of picture quality, 3,31,77,600 / 2073600 is 16 i.e 8K screens will have 16 times more pixels than Full HD screens, generating 16 times better picture than Full HD. As it has approximately 8000 pixels in each row so its called 8K.

Can a person really feel the clarity of 8K Screens?

Samsung 8K Tv CES-2016In current times, excessive use of mobile / tablets / laptops / tv is hampering the perfect vision of the eyes at very early age. However, for a person with perfect vision and normal TV viewing distance, its impossible to detect the sharpness or the clarity provided by 8K small sized screens and as per a news report of NBC. This is because of the limitations of the human eye and brain, as studied by various ophthalmologist and neuroscientist.

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What is Aspect Ratio?

Aspect Ratio refers to the ratio between width and height of the screen. The most commonly used aspect ratios is 16:9, which is used in the modern Full HD Plasma / LED screens; for the classic old television set 4:3 ratio was used. To understand what is 16:9, lets divide them 16/9 = 1.77(approx). Now lets divide the resolution of full HD screen 1920/1080 = 1.77(approx). Same can be done with the resolution of semi HD screen, 1280/720 = 1.77(approx). As one can see that all the values are same. Aspect ratio of 16:9 indicates that, for every 16 pixels from left to right there are 9 pixels from top to down. In simple words, aspect ratio refers to how much rectangular the screen is. If the number obtained by division of the two numbers of aspect ratio is equal to 1 then the screen is square, if its > 1 then screen is rectangular and horizontal and if its < 1 then also the screen is rectangular but vertical.

What is the suffix p in a resolution (1080p)?

It is an alternate notation to represent resolution. Example: 1920 x 1080 can be written as 1080p, same way 1280 x 720 can be written as 720p. Here 'p' stands for progressive, the other option to replace 'p' is 'i' which stands for interlaced. Both are techniques which are used to refresh the screen with next frame. To understand this consider that the video is made up of many images or frames and the frames change so rapidly that the eyes unable to detect the change and mind creates the effect of motion. How one frame replaces other frame is decided by 'p' or 'i'. In 'p' the current frame is replaced by next frame, line by line in a sequence, however in 'i' the current frame is replaced by first changing only the odd lines and then even lines. Here 'line' refers to a row of pixels. Interlaced technique is rarely used with modern screens. What should be the size of screen as per resolution? How far to sit from a 4K and 8K screen? What is the cost of 4K and 8K television?. Go to next page to know the answers.

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