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LG surprised everyone by bringing a 98 inch 8K Television to CES-2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) which was held from 06-January 2016 to 09-January 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Samsung was a small step ahead of LG as it featured its 98 inch 8K Curved Television. On 03-June 2016 Brazil’s Globo and Japan’s public broadcaster NHK made an announcement that they will be showcasing live 8K broadcasts for Rio-16 Olympics. 4K and 8K terms are now getting common in all corners of the world due to rapid growth in technological innovations but for a common man it's a must to understand these terms and their benefits before going to make a purchase as the cost of these products will significantly reduce the balance in the bank account of buyer. If you are interested to understand the basics of this technology or your are planning to buy a TV Screen, Desktop Monitor, Projector with 4K or 8K resolution then do read this article before making your purchase.

What is Resolution?

The main idea behind 4K and 8K is Resolution. A Full HD Television has a resolution of 1920x1080 which means it has 1920 pixels from left to right and 1080 pixels from top to bottom making the screen with a total of 20,73,600 pixels. Television's screen is made up of very small dots called, pixels or Picture Elements. Each pixel can glow with 1 color at a time. For example, If you need to show a face in exactly 1 pixel then it will look like a brown dot which means, one color representing the entire face and with 2 pixels the color of second dot will be black, representing the hair color. More the pixels, more clear the image will become, as pixels will be able to represent each and every color of the face. So in simple words Resolution refers to the number of pixels that make the screen. It is represented as product of two numbers, the first number indicates pixels from left to right and the second number indicates the pixels from top to bottom.

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What is the resolution in 4K?

Type of Resolution Size
Semi High Definition 1280x720
Full High Definition 1920x1080
  4K Ultra High Definition 
  8K Ultra High Definition 
Resolution Chart

4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 (sometimes 4,096 x 2160) which means 3840 dots from left to right and 2160 dots from top to down making a total of 82,94,400 dots. Any screen which is 4K must have these many dots / pixels to come in the category of 4K. If you think why is it called 4K then the answer is: K refers to thousand i.e. 4K screens will have approximately 4000 pixels from left to right in each row. 82,94,400 / 20,73,600 is 4 i.e 4K screens has 4 times more pixels than Full HD screens, generating 4 times better quality picture than Full HD. Go to next page to read about 8K resolution and aspect ratio.

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