Hand Tracking

Three-dimensional hand tracking has attracted increasing attention and research interests in fields such as virtual reality, HCI and computer vision. Due to depth sensors, there is a plethora of new applications and methods for tracking the human hand, which were once very difficult with only 2D cameras. Another milestone is when predictive algorithms came to picture rather than tracking based on images alone. This survey presents some of the recent types and methods used for 3D hand tracking with the focus on vision-based tracking algorithms. We will first review the conventional methods that were used and then the newer methods with smart predictive algorithms.

Feature of iPhone 8

Get to know five of the most surprising and cool feature of iPhone 8. Whether or not you want to spend your money for it, the excitement cannot be contained while waiting for the tenth year anniversary edition of the iPhone. There are a lot of rumors and leaks concerning the “iPhone 8” aka “iPhone Edition”. We have collected the most trustworthy of them for you right here.

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