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  1. Which of the following is TRUE?

    (A) Every relation in 3NF is also in BCNF

    (B) A relation R is in 3NF if every non-prime attribute of R is fully functionally dependent on every key of R

    (C) Every relation in BCNF is also in 3NF

    (D) No relation can be in both BCNF and 3NF 

asked Jun 27, 2016 in Database Management System by CompleteGATE-AskUS (3,550 points) | 148 views
  1. BCNF - Boyce-Codd Normal Form

1 Answer

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(C) Every relation in BCNF is also in 3NF
answered Jun 27, 2016 by ebeisaac (13,250 points)
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