Get to know five of the most surprising and cool feature of iPhone 8. Whether or not you want to spend your money for it, the excitement cannot be contained while waiting for the tenth year anniversary edition of the iPhone. There are a lot of rumors and leaks concerning the “iPhone 8” aka “iPhone Edition”. We have collected the most trustworthy of them for you right here. (Please SHARE this article and LIKE us. Your Like and Share motivate us)

1. Display Size

The iPhone Edition is said to now have a whooping 5.8 inch  OLED display which however won't be present in the new 7s model that will also be released along with it. This is confirmed by Mac Otakara who is a reliable source of leaks and rumors and he has a good standing accuracy in the process too. A rumor that Apple has purchased millions of OLED screen units from Samsung, gives a bit authenticity to this. This means that Apple will start manufacturing OLED too and this is also confirmed from Mac Otakara that after 2018, all iPhones are going to have OLED screen as a standard.

2. Possible ceramic body

The R&D division of Apple is a heavily spent part and they are all on testing and seeing the latest products. Rumors are that they are now testing the iPhone with different displays like TFT, LCD, LED and of course OLED. They are also working on different materials for the body of the iPhone, including ceramic. This is already present in the apple watch so seeing this in the new iPhone will not be a big surprise.

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3. 3D front facing camera

The iPhone is taking a step ahead of the other smartphones with the arrival of an all new, 3D front facing camera that can see and model objects in 3D space. This is confirmed with the fact that Apple has patented a blueprint of the 3D camera. This may be the USP of the new iPhone 8 Edition.

4. Embedded new ultrasonic finger scanner

This is an improvement to the already existing fingerprint scanner of other apple phones currently out in the market. This feature is confirmed with the fact that Apple has procured a patent on a method in which an accurate 3D mapping of a human finger is made using embedded ultrasonic sensors when in contact with the phone. This feature provides more secure and reliable locking system in the phone.

5. Wireless charging

Apple has finally decided to bring out wireless charging after the advent of multiple companies like Samsung and Lenovo. Due to the supposed glass casing similar to the iPhone 4s or even ceramic casing as in the rumors, iPhone edition will now be compatible with wireless charging facilities. This point gets strength with the fact that Apple has now joined the Wireless Power Consortium so this feature is fast on its way.

The wait is on for the new iPhone which is supposed to be an all new game changer for the cell phone manufacturing industry. Let us know what you think and what features you want in the iPhone in the comments section below. Have a look at the two videos which shows more leaks and rumors about iPhone 8. (Please SHARE this article and LIKE us. Your Like and Share motivate us)

Iphone Edition
Iphone Edition

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