This article would talk about how customization of smart phone not only makes it more personalize but also increases its utility. If you're not sure where to start, let our list guide you and to set you on the right path. (Please SHARE this article and LIKE us. Your Like and Share motivate us)

It is a screen dimmer app that helps in reducing stress on eyes by overriding phone’s default brightness settings and allowing users to lower the brightness level below the phone’s minimum brightness levels. There is also a built-in Blue light filter, which reduces the emission of blue light from the screen and makes the display more soothing for the eyes.



This app helps you in hiding your secrets pics, videos, documents and locking apps. The app allows one to hide unlimited photos, videos, confidential documents, contacts and audio files. Various applications like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc. can be locked through safe box. It also gives you three types of security options; PIN Lock, Password Lock and Pattern Lock, hence acting as a virtual volt for your confidential data like Bank Statement, Business proposal docs, and many other important documents.



Reading an important article and want to save it for later or you read something very interesting and wants to share it with your friends or want to plan an event. Evernote can assist you in all. You can take notes in various formats like text, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and many more. It helps in organizing your important documents like tickets, invoices. One can use camera capture to easily scan and comment on printed documents, business cards, attach files like MS docs, PDFs and photos. The app can also be synced with upto two other devices.


One app for traveler enthusiasts or people who want to explore more about own city. Based on selected category, one can explore about the known and unknown of the particular city. You may also ask questions regarding the particular city. So connect with people socially at the city level.


Take a Break and Laugh with CompleteGATE Fun Bytes. Fun Bytes is a collection of comic / funny / humorous content, Especially for you!

An app for team communication system that brings the communication and collaboration into one place so that more work can be done. With the help of this app, one can organize conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to the work. One can set reminders or to do list to view the team members, create channels for the whole team or with specific person within the team, share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people. 

It allows you to automate tasks on your phone. It comes with presets called applets, which can do anything. From managing your social media feed to simple functions like muting your phone when you are driving, as over 360 apps work with this app. One can customize the applets to serve your needs in a better way. So discover the power of applets! 

If you need an extra boost for your whole day or need a philosophical assistance in your daily routine, this app would cater your need in an awesome way. This app is a collection of famous quotes by great people. It includes card making feature that enables one to share the quotes more colorfully on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.  

8. Probus Quad (15 Functions in 1 Hardware Device)
This is not an app per se, but can be of great help if you are a person who keeps losing things all over the place. Probus Quad is a smart phone accessory, equipped with many essential features that make it a “smartphone companion”. This stunning 54 x 54 x 13mm size device not only helps in locating devices and things but also acts as Anti-theft sensor, Powerbank, Memory, OTG, Remote for Selfie, Presentation and Music, Controlling Philips hue lights and so on. 
I hope the given list would be helpful for you in making your smart phone smarter, unique and more useful along with giving it more personal touch. Do you think you'll use any of them? What are your favorite apps to customize your smartphone? Let us know in the comments.(Please SHARE this article and LIKE us. Your Like and Share motivate us)

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