Google announced the new Cloud Video Intelligence (CVI) API at Google Cloud Next on 08-March-2017. Here we explain in brief what is it, how one can use it and how will it help YouTube users, publishers and advertisers? (Please SHARE this article and LIKE us. Your share helps us. Your Like motivates us)

What is Cloud Next ?

As per the cloud next official website "It is about new ideas. Learning from industry experts, engaging with peers for an immersive event that brings together senior executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers, and Google Engineers to build the future of the cloud. Attendees can choose from over 200 sessions on Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Maps, Devices, and more."

What is Cloud Video Intelligence API ?

It is an application programming interface that uses deep-learning models, built over TensorFlow. It can be applied on to platforms with huge video collections like YouTube. The users can search for videos by providing information about its content Example: Searching dog will give all videos which have a dog in them. Searching swim will give all videos that have swimming shown in them. It will also provide shots to indicate where exactly the query can be found in the video. Nouns and Verbs can be found in the video.

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How it effects Youtube ?

As of now YouTube returns the results based on the comparison between input query provided by the viewer and the title, description of the video as provided by the video up loader. This may not be much accurate as the up loaded can miss the best appropriate description for the video or he may intentionally provide irrelevant title and description to increase viewership. However after the application of Cloud Video Intelligence API, The result returned by YouTube will also reflect the actual content of the video thus making rich user experience this will also help in advertising and monetization as CVI can help to associate related advertisements to videos instead of simply showing irrelevant ads which have a very high chances of getting skipped and not being clicked. This will also help YouTube to automatically remove videos which do not obey its policies and has content which is not legal to be displayed on the platform. One method to report a video in YouTube at present is manual flagging by viewers. Overall YouTube will not only store the videos but will also understand them to help viewers, publishers, advertisers and obviously Google itself. (Reference Cloud Blog)

How can you experience it ?

As on 09-March-2017, the API is in Beta version. Sign up here to start experiencing it or to try the API and have a demo Click here.

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