Tech. giants are always working on some innovative ideas to make the life of people easy, exciting and technologically advanced. Here we bring six cool HiTech products of the future  that will make you say Oh My God. They are coming to change your life through their cutting edge, state of the art technology. (Please SHARE this article and LIKE us on Facebook. Your Likes motivate us. Sharing is Caring)

1.Waymo (Google X self-driving car project)

Travel to your destination with push of a button. Waymo is a safe and reliable self driving car which is a must to have in your garage. Vehicles have sensors and software that are designed to detect pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, road work and more from a distance of up to two football fields away in all directions. Professional drivers will have to find another job now.

Self Driven Car

2. JackIn Eye by Sony

JackIn eye makes it possible for one person's experiences to be transmitted and shared with others from a first-person perspective. An expert can provide advice and guidance from a remote location, mediated by the visual input of the person on-scene. How about using it in examination hall.


3. Pop.Up Flying Car by Airbus (Project Vahana)

A car that fly in the sky. Along with a garage you also need a hangar now. So after this the next project will be to develop traffic signals and speed detectors for the sky.

airbus flying car

4. Nokia OZO (360o VR Camera)

OZO is a Virtual Reality camera designed for professional production. From master storytellers to makers of professional VR experiences, it is being used to immerse audiences in a sense of presence like never before. It is available in the market for a very small price of $45K. I hope they give discount on bulk purchases and free service at home.

Nokia Ozo
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5. IBM Cognitive Environments Lab

A room that can talk, hear and see who is in it. Occupants can communicate with the room. Don't use it in your bedroom.


6. Google X Project Wing

Project Wing is the name given to the project of developing next generation aircraft, that can deliver everything starting from consumer goods to emergency medicine. Aircraft can fly pre decided routes on demand using sensors and software to detect and avoid one another in real time. They have fail-safe architecture, redundant avionics, motors, batteries and even navigation systems with intelligent controls. Just drink a Red bull, it will give you wings.

Project Wings Google X

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