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The MINI EMU is an all-in-one games console that uses the Raspberry Pi to allow the users to play multiple gaming consoles in one platform. It revived the old consoles like the NES, Gameboy, Atari, Playstation, and many more.

It also includes the KODI Entertainment system that can stream Audio and Video from the SD card and USB. It is currently in the kick-starter campaign as on July 2016 and will soon reach the major market as well.

As on July 28, 2016, the MINI EMU v1 was distributed to the backers of the project. The kit consists of a Raspberry Pi 2 model B, which is slightly modified for the cause. It comes along with a HDMI cable, two USB controllers, a micro USB connector, some screws and an SD card. The limited editions even had a special keychain for the fans. The case itself in carbon fiber wrapped and had special mounts for the Pi.

The way to install the device is to use the code provided by the company to download the correct OS to your own computer. After downloading the software, you will need a "Win32 disk imager" to install the OS. Use the software and select the OS you have downloaded as the image and the SD card as the device. Once the process is over, remove the SD card from the computer an then insert it into the Raspberry Pi. Then put the Pi in the case securely using the mounts and the nuts provided. After that, you can connect any Wifi/Bluetooth dongles or ethernet plug for Internet connection. Connect the HDMI cable, USB controllers and power plug (micro USB) to the respective ports. Finally place the lid on top and secure it with screws which are also provided. Now the MINI EMU is ready to play. See this video for a visual of the above process.

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The Otto camera

The Otto is a camera created using the raspberry Pi. It is fully hackable, so anyone can improve and modify the software. It has many modes including animated GIFs, regular photos and much more. Since its open source, anyone can create a mode and share it with others so they can take pictures the way that you want.

There is a crank on top of the Otto camera. When opened and spun, it records the images for an animated GIF. And since its synced to the smart phone, the image is automatically sent to the phone which can be shared in social media.

It has the Raspberry Pi compute module inside it, hence you can "log in" to the camera and can change the code completely as well. Hence anyone can modify it and can create any camera based projects using the Otto camera. This enables people to add or take away any feature they want in the Otto camera. As on July 2016, The smart phone app for Otto is currently in iPhone but soon there will be a web based application for it as well.


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