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Raspberry Pi Projects:

An Actual Computer

The standard idea a person will get when getting an RPi. Although not an Einstein idea, this actually works better than most other basic systems in the market. With a motherboard at just $35, just connect a keyboard, mouse and a monitor and you now have a 64 bit (If you have purchased the Raspberry Pi 3 model B) computer that puts most other computers to shame as the components all put together costs only about £100 (about ₹ 10,000).

This computer can compete with most other budget computers in the market. It works great for children who don't have much money for buying high end computers. There are four easy steps that can be followed to make your own computer using the Raspberry Pi. But care must be taken not to overload the Pi with too much work as this will cause the Pi to overheat and may damage the inner parts of the Pi. There are many ways to cool the CPU when it heats up, some including the usage of Heat Sinks which does passive cooling for the CPU or using the liquid coolant. In general heat sinks solves the problem and one does not have to go for the costly coolant based cooling.


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The BrickPi

The BrickPi is a project from Dexter Industries which uses Lego Blocks to make robots that are powered using the Raspberry Pi. It combines the hack-ability of the RPi with the modular power of Lego to create any robot with ease and efficiency. It consists of a board that fits over the Raspberry Pi and adds the necessary functions for the robots. The extra board fitting has Lego motor ports and sensor ports that can be used for the robot's movements and functions. It is then enclosed in a case that will allow the Pi to be connected with Lego pieces and create anything that you can imagine.

Lego is a line of toys that are created using plastic by the Lego company. The good point about Lego is that the plastic bricks used to create the objects and toys can be deconstructed and used any number of times. This kind of modular design is what BrickPi is taking advantage of. The BrickPi unites these two systems (Lego and Raspberry Pi) so that anyone can create awesome robots.

The motor ports of the BrickPi can be connected to the Lego Mindstorm motors. There are also four sensor ports for connecting the Pi to Lego mindstorm sensors like the touch sensor, colour sensor and gyroscope. The BrickPi can be connected to a 9V battery that will power the motors and the Pi, hence making the BrickPi wireless.

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