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Operating systems for the Raspberry Pi:

Three Options are available to get OS in SD card:

  1. Buy SD card with pre installed OS for raspberry Pi. This is the simplest method but does not give you the flexibility to change the OS as per your requirement.
  2. Download the image of Operating System to your computer and transfer it to the SD Card yourself. Insert the SD Card into Raspberry Pi and install the Operating System. Some level of expertize is required and this is recommended for expert users only.
  3. Download the Easy Installer of Raspberry Pi OS which is also called NOOBS in your computer and transfer it to SD Card. Insert the SD card into Raspberry Pi and Noobs will install the Operating System for you as per your choice of OS.

What are the operating System supported by Raspberry Pi ? (With Images)

As on 06/08/2016 Raspberry Pi supports the following operating System

  1. Raspbian which is the Foundation’s official supported Operating System.
  2. Ubuntu Mate
  3. Snappy Ubuntu Core
  4. Windows 10 IOT Core
  5. OSMC
  7. PIET
  8. RISC OS
  9. Weather Station 

How to install Operating System Image directly on the SD Card? (Expert Users Only)

  1. Download the image as per your requirement from the links given above.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to get the OS image file.
  3. Follow the given pdf guide as per the OS of your desktop / laptop computer.
    For Windows
    For Linux
    For Mac OSX

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Steps to Install Operating System using Noobs (Novice Users. Recommended Method)

Noobs is a simple and easy to use operating system installer. There are two versions of Noobs, The non-lite version called as Noobs and the lite version called as Noobs Lite. Noobs Lite is small in size as compared to Noobs but it requires the Raspberry Pi to have internet connection while the Raspbian OS is being installed. On the other hand, when installing the Raspbian with Noobs, there is no need of internet connectivity as Noobs already has the Raspbian Image. If any operating system other than Raspbian is to be installed then internet connectivity on Raspberry Pi is required irrespective of the version of Noobs during the installation. After the version of Noobs to be used is finalized, following are the steps to be followed for installing the operating system on the SD card.

  1. Download Noobs
  2. Unzip the files in a folder Noobs.
  3. Format SD Card using SD Card format tool to FAT.
  4. Select all the files from Noobs folder. Copy and paste them on SD Card.
  5. Insert SD Card into Raspberry Pi.
  6. Power On Rasberry Pi.
  7. Configure WIFI. (If Ethernet is not available)
  8. Select the OS you want to install.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions.

NOTE: The step to download and install OS is Slow so have patience.
If you get into Command Line Interface (CUI) the use startx to go into Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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