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Hearing related issues :

Listening loud music over portable music devices, such as MP3 players or iPods for long periods may damage the hair cells in the inner ear, which causes hearing loss. Another noise-induced problem is known as tinnitus where one hears sound in absence of any external sound. One may hear ringing, buzzing or hissing in the ears. According to Heller (2003), in many of the cases, people affected with tinnitus, become enough disturbed to seek medical intervention.

Hearing ProblemPrevention and remedy :

  • Avoid listening music at high volume.
  • Limit use of earphones/headphones.

Neck Strain, shoulder and back pain :

Though we use technology in many forms, mobiles and computers are the most extensively used technologies. Poor posture and improper seating arrangement while working on computers/laptops may lead pain in shoulder and back. Even overuse of mobile put unnecessary strain on neck muscles because when we tilt our head forward 60 degrees to look at your phone; we put 60 pounds of pressure on our neck (Hansraj, 2014).

Prevention and remedy :

  • Sit in appropriate posture while working.
  • Use a lower back support in your work chair if required, for maintaining proper posture.
  • Stretch out
  • Proper positioning of monitor so that we look at it straight.
  • Take frequent breaks to walk-around.
  • Do some simple exercises like shoulder rolls and neck movements.

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obesityObesity :

According to a recent study, published by Ng and Popkin (2012); looking at the trend of energy expenditure and sedentary time for adults in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, China and India, physical activity levels will decrease and sedentary time will increase by 2020 and 2030 due to excessive use of technology. They explained that this lack of physical activity would contribute to the obesity epidemic.

Prevention and remedy :

  • Include exercise in your daily routine.
  • Have healthy and balanced diet. Keep eyes on intake of weight inducing edibles.
  • Use stairs or take a walk.

sleep disorderSleep deprivation :

For completing any work or watching movies, chatting with friends or simply surfing the net sometimes keep us up whole night as well as continuous exposure to their artificial light can also have harmful effects on our sleep cycle as suggested by American Medical Association in 2012. Due to this disruption in sleep, brain does not get a chance to rest and people may feel strained.

Prevention and remedy :

  • Set the time for sleep and follow the routine.
  • Try to avoid using laptop/ phone during night.

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