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  • File Permission and Security : The new version makes strict policies when it comes to security of private files of an application. Such files can no longer be accessed by other apps. This does not effect the end user directly but will create problem for the programmers while designing new apps. and modifying existing applications to work on Android N.

  • Screen Zoom : Users having problem in viewing now have the advantage to zoom in the interface. Example: The icons of all applications installed can be zoomed to make them bigger and clear.

  • Notification Enhancements : Better styling and design for notifications and messaging. Messages can also be grouped based on a topic and then can be archived as a group. Messages can be replied faster by directly typing in the notification area. A new and stylish user interface will be the main attraction for end users.

  • Profile-guided JIT / AOT Compilation : Results in faster performance of applications during execution, saves space used for storage and minimizes the time required for updating applications. It also reduces the RAM requirement which in turn is beneficial for cheaper devices which have a low memory.

  • Vulkan API for Game lovers : Vulkan Application Programming Interface will be the attraction for the game players as the support of this API will better utilize the specially designed hardware for the ultimate gaming experience.
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  • Data Saver : Restricts the use of mobile data network by applications in background thus cutting the costs of telephone bills or lowering the use of data packs. Once the data saver is on, applications will not be able to completely utilize the network for providing quality output, this means that the quality of video and images will drop if the user tries to open them in any app with data saver on.

    Some small modifications have been done in the Quick Settings tile and number blocking to make them more user friendly. Call screening has been introduced which lets users reject a call, stop a call from making entry in call logs and stopping a number to show in notification area when missed. Support for more languages and new Emojis have been introduced in Android N. Direct Boot minimizes the time required for system boot, this means that the device will now start faster than before. Better battery performance while rendering video or 3D content is also one of the feature on the list. Android 7 is planned to have two new machine learning based intelligent apps Allo and Duo. Former is a smart app for messaging and the later is for video calling.

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