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On June 30 2016, Android 7 a.k.a Android N was given the name Nougat. Android 7.0 is all set to launch by September 2016 with a brand new set of features which are not only designed for end users but also for Android application developers. As on July 07 2016 Android N is in its developer preview version 4. The stable version for use in devices will be in market after developer preview version 5 which is set to release in July. On 30 June 16, HTC has announced that three of its phones HTC 10, One A9 and One M9 will get the update for the new Android. From the list of features which will be introduced in the new version, here are the top 10 features of Android 7 that one should know and understand before buying any Android 7 device. As always all the features are explained in simple words.

Top 10 Features of Android N 7.0 (Nougat)

  • Improved Battery Life : There are many processes running in the phone even when it is kept on the table this means that the phone keeps on working when its not in use. This work requires energy, which in a mobile phone comes from battery thus consuming the battery life. Android 7 has plans to reduce the background work going on in a phone to improve the battery life. It will do so by a mode which is called DOZE. When the device is kept idle for a certain amount of time with screen off, the device will enter the DOZE mode. When in DOZE the device applications will loose network connectivity and will not be able to sync with server. This means all those applications which run by using internet will not function when phone is in DOZE mode (Ex Email Sync, App Backups). After spending some idle time in DOZE mode the apps will loose their ability to keep the device stay on. Apps which are scheduled to execute at a particular time will also loose their power to do so. GPS and WIFI scans will all stop this means that the device can neither obtain location information nor can it discover WIFI networks to connect. The DOZE mode will periodically and temporarily go off to let applications access all the blocked services. Apps will not be able to know when the device has switched from WIFI to mobile data or the other way (Except for the active application). Some applications immediately start to backup pictures and videos when they detect that a new image or video has been captured by the camera. Such applications will not be able to work any more.
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  • Virtual Reality Support : The best feature introduced in Android 7 is the support for Virtual Reality with Daydream. The OS supports building up high quality Virtual Reality experience for users with VR SDK for Android

  • Faster Installs and updates : Applications and system updates will now only need few seconds to install and update themselves. Do you remember the “optimizing applications screen” which appears after a system update. This step will not exist in Android 7 thus making system updates faster.

  • Multi Window and Quick Switch : Multi window will support execution of 2 apps side by side or one below the other using multi tasking whereas quick switch will enable the user to switch to previous app by double tap of recent button. Click Next to Read More Features.
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