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Fact 4: What are the special features / attractions of PSVR?

The PSVR has some special features that makes it different from other products in the market:

  • New Design of headset : PSVR headset is unlike its contenders Oculus rift and the HTC vive as it does not hold tight on the eyes, instead puts the load on the top of the head, hence providing more comfort in the long run. The display component, which is the part that one looks into for the VR feel, will not push into the eyes and it is well-padded, thereby increasing the level of station vr
  • Easy adjustments : The PSVR headset has a dial on the back of the head that will adjust the tightness of the headset. It also has a button on the front that will enable the display to move front or back. This means that even a person who wears glasses can also use the PlayStation VR without any worries. One can even take a small coffee break without removing the headset by just moving the display away. 

Fact 5: How does PSVR work?

PSVR DesignPSVR games are not like other games where player control a character using remote. In PSVR games player itself is the part of game. The character (main lead) of the game looks at the same angle at which the player looks in reality. The hands of the character in the game moves in the same way as player's hand moves in real word. So how a game character gets to know about the body motion of the player in real world? The way PS4 VR game system tracks the head and hand movement is through the ingenious idea of LED tracking. It actually sees the LED lights that are in the headset to determine the position of the player in real word. The PSVR can detect the player position even if they turn around, which is impossible in the Oculus Rift. The same concept is used in the Move controller too to detect the motion of hands. To make the PS4 VR game system operational connect the PSVR and its components to the PS4 and then stand or sit at a distance from the PSVR camera. Wear your PSVR headset and hold the move controller(s). The camera will track the position of the lights that will be emitted from the headset and the controller. This will be processed by an algorithm, which determines the 3D position of you and the controllers, which may correspond to your hand or a gun / bat / etc. When you turn your head, the light patterns seen by the camera changes, activating the necessary functions in the system, to turn the head of character in the game. In short the player in real world gets the feel of being inside the virtual game world as the main game character.

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Fact 6: What are the new PSVR Games ?

The E3 2016 that was held from 14 - 16 June 2016 featured some new upcoming games for PSVR that are planned to be released in the year 2016 and 2017. The top 3 games to look for in the year 2016 to 2017 are:

1. PlayStation VR Worlds

PSVR worlds combine 5 different games that were built exclusively for the PSVR . They were actually made to showcase the power of the PSVR .

First off is the London Heist which puts you into a gangster scenario where you get interrogated by a mobster, pull out a robbery and try to escape. The experience is highly immersive and well built as well.

Second in line is the game called Into the Deep . In this game, you will be a deep sea salvor and will descend into the depths of the sea. You can see the enchanted marine life all around you with many surprises to boot!

Third comes VR Luge . Get into a jumpsuit of an illegal street racer and mow down the roads just inches off the ground. Tilt and swirl to get to the goal as fast as possible!

Fourth in queue is the Danger Ball . Literally use your head to strike and spin the ball in this fast paced game as you make your way through a tournament to become a champion.

Last but not least is the game called Scavenger's Odyssey . Take the role of an alien treasure hunter and make your way through a treacherous environment destroying the enemies in you way to reach the ancient artifact.

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