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Sony Interactive Entertainment is all set to launch its brand new product filled with thrill, fun and excitement in the form of a new gaming console which is the PlayStation VR  aka PS VR. The expected date for the launch will be in the month of October-2016 as per the official press release of SIE. Video game lovers all around the world are excited and eager to try their hands on the new PSVR which was code named as Project Morpheus in its early phase of development. Initial prototype of the project was showcased and appreciated in the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3 2015) which was held from 16 - 18 June, 2015. But now the new gaming console is ready to merge the best of the latest research on Virtual Reality (VR) with Playstation 4 ( ps4 ) to give the ultimate gaming experience to its customers. Keep reading to know 7 astonishing facts about ps vr with review.

Fact 1: For the Newbies : What is PlayStation VR?

playstation 4 vrThe PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality) is a new playstation gaming console accessory from Sony who are also the manufactures of well known products like playstation 4 ( ps4 ), playstation 3 ( ps3 ), playstation2 ( ps2 ) and ps vita. PSVR will be the new node of playstation network which is scheduled to get attached with it, in the month of October-2016. Playstation VR or PSVR adds another instrument to the playstation accessories in the form of a vr headset in which users can play Virtual Reality ( VR ) games or "live the game" as Sony calls it. It is a strong contender to the well known Oculus Rift by Oculus VR. Sony has PSVR coming along the line for innovative gaming after PS vita and the PS 4, giving the edge in the contest of Xbox one vs PS4. Microsoft is also responding to this with the advent of Hololens which are to be released soon. All the PS4 games , including PSVR games are integrated to the PlayStation network ( PSN ) which makes the fun go online as well.

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Fact 2: What are the requirements for Sony PSVR?

Sony Playstation VR

The PSVR requires just a few things. It requires:

  • A PlayStation 4 aka ps 4 console
  • A PlayStation Camera
  • A PlayStation VR headset aka ps4 headset
  • One or more PlayStation Move controller(s)
  • PS VR games

The best part is that the PSVR does not require any extra software or modification to the PS 4 console , it works seamlessly with it as any other ps4 game. All what is needed to do, is to connect the camera, vr headset and move controller to the ps4 console and it's good to go!

Fact 3: What is the PSVR price and how to preorder PSVR ?

The PS VR is already open for preorder and here are the costs of each component of the Playstation VR set.

  • The complete bundle of all the necessary items can be requested by clicking here at a cost of $499 (excluding the PS4 console).
  • The PS4 console can be purchased at a cost $349.98 here.
  • The PSVR headset will release at a cost of $399 on October 13 2016.
  • The PSVR camera will release at a cost $59 on October 13 2016.
  • The PlayStation Move controller can be ordered at a cost of $27 here.

The actual price of all the components put together, excluding the console and a game is a staggering $485. But this still beats the price of the HTC vive (about $1000) and the Oculus Rift ($800).

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