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Not only for fun, but Virtual Reality can also be used for effective and immersive learning experiences. Learning how to repair a car or a bike by using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) is much better than reading a huge book. Here is a video that uses Virtual Reality to learn about the human body. It look so real it feels like you are actually traveling in the body and its parts. All this coolness by just some extensive coding and no dead body parts used! That saves a lot of money and is a lot more safer. VR makes real expensive experiences a lot more cheaper (comparatively, keeping the VR set up cost in mind).

What do I need to experience Virtual Reality?

It is not hard to get into the groove with VR. There are different requirements depending on different companies that are providing VR (e.g. Sony, Oculus, Samsung, etc.)

The most easiest way to enjoy the virtual experience is with the smartphone. Samsung has come up with an easy way with the idea of Samsung Gear VR, where one just have to keep their smartphone inside a goggle like structure. For using VR with smart phones, this is what you will need:

  1. A smartphone (preferably larger 5 inches screen size).
  2. A head mount like the Samsung gear or the Google cardboard.
  3. An application for VR.

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The major contributor of cost is the phone which is around ₹ 20000 (INR), depending on the phone. Samsung gear is cheap and the Google cardboard blueprint to make your own head gear is totally free and can be downloaded here.

The other more expensive but effective way to experience Virtual Reality is through the high-end computer systems, for example Oculus. The components for these type of products in general are:

  1. A high-end computer system, preferably with Windows OS.
  2. A compatible graphics card (e.g. Nvidia GeForce Titan X)
  3. Software for the VR experience (The Oculus Runtime)
  4. A VR kit given by Oculus and similar companies. They usually have:
    1. A head mounted display
    2. A sensor that need to be attached to the monitor of the system (the Oculus IR sensor)
    3. An optional game controller

Virtual Reality is not only for the millionaires, its headsets are available on amazon at affordable prices. Click here if you want to buy Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard Kit, Oculus Rift or View-master virtual reality starter pack from Amazon USA at cheaper prices with international shipping. The prices may not burn a hole in your pocket but will require some savings.

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