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Is Virtual Reality a new field?

Actually Virtual Reality is not so new topic. It dates back in 1960s when Ivan Sutherland came up with what was known as the "Ultimate Display". He introduced the concept of complete sensory input and output, which is now the current trend in Virtual Reality. Click here if you like to see the paper written by Ivan. But it was not much popular at that time and gained popularity from 2012 when Palmer Luckey came up with the Oculus Rift.

What is the current state of Virtual Reality?

Palmer Luckey Founder of oculus(As on July-2017) The world of Virtual Reality (VR) gained it's current popularity undoubtedly due to Palmer Luckey's Oculus Rift. He had the vision to make affordable VR headsets which became a reality on August 1 2012, when he launched the Kick starter campaign that raised a million dollars in just a few days! Now with Palmer's success, VR is taken into a whole new level. Many companies are now in the fight to be at the top.

GearVR Hero Gold 2 Samsung Gear VR is a product from the collaboration of Oculus and Samsung, which is a headset that which contains an embedded smartphone to give a wireless experience for the lucky ones to wear it. Google has a cheap way to give VR experience with Google cardboard, which is just a cardboard box in which a smartphone can be inserted to feel VR on the move.

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Project Morpheus2 minGaming experience is taken to the next level with VR entering the gaming field with Sony's Project Morpheus (Playstation VR) and HTC Vive. Just put on the virtual reality headset and feel the real meaning of first person shooter as you tear the field with your guns and bazookas. It will feel so real you better watch out for that bomb!

Other smaller companies are coming up with new ideas to change the virtual experience. FOVE is one such company with the idea of tracking the movement of the eyes to give a more realistic experience. Its gaze feature can give a new 'look' to VR as the possibility for eye contact with an avatar in the virtual world is awesome.

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