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  • Mixed Reality: A problem currently tackled by Microsoft's Hololens and other such gadgets is the mixed reality situation. Picture this: If a person currently in virtual space drops his / her controller in real world. Then how will he / she find it in the real world when it is blocked currently? Or consider this: While playing VR games, a person would like to eat some popcorn on the table. Can they see the bowl on the table while they are in a VR room shooting bad guys? The solution to this is providing a method in which the real world can be mixed with the virtual world on demand. This is the term Mixed Reality.
  • Cyber-sickness: A queasy problem with many HMD sets is the lack of other sensory inputs, namely the vestibular input. This input is the feeling of balance that originates from glands in the ear. If someone is tilting at an angle in the VR world, like rolling down in the VR roller coaster ride, then the corresponding feelings should be felt in the real space, else this conflict between the eyes and the ears will give some nasty side effects for the less-used-to users. Hence wearing the headsets for long period of time is inadvisable. This situation is being tackled by using other outputs for the user such as a six degree axis environment that will tilt and swirl according to the VR world.
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    Health issues related to VR : The presence of a large screen actually close to the eyes is bad for the eyes since a large amount of light is emitted to the eyes and long periods of time will result in similar side effects as watching too much TV. Doctors have recommended a maximum time of about two to three hours for viewing in an HMD. If you experience any headache or dizzy feelings while wearing an HMD during the VR experience, it is highly recommended to quickly remove the HMD and take a half an hour break before wearing it again.


    Its surely hard to overlook these big feats in the field of Virtual reality. From the advent of Ivan Sutherland to the campaign of Palmer Luckey, VR has been and will surely be a big thing to look out for in the world. Perhaps soon everyone will be using VR in their daily lives from virtual gaming to visiting dream place of the world (virtually). Hence in one way, VR does make your dreams to reality! Do not forget to Like and Share this article. I would like to know your views and answer your questions related to VR in comments section below.

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