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Whenever a person gets to know that his DTH connection supports surround sound like Dolby Digital (DD) or Dolby Digital Plus (DD+), the first thought which comes to mind is to hear this surround sound. Everyone attempts to first connect the 5.1 / 7.1 multimedia speakers which they use for their desktop computer to the DTH. But people get stuck when they are unable to find the proper port / jack at the back of their set top box to connect the computer speakers. This article explains how to get the surround sound experience at your home with Set Top Box provided by any DTH provider of any country. The explanation is in very simple terms which can be understood by a newbie. But before going into detail lets understand the technology behind dth and the surround sound which it provides in very easy to understand words.

Think of a case where 5 pillows are to be taken to a place B from place A in a suitcase. But the capacity of suitcase is not sufficient to carry 5 pillows. What to do now? Buying a new suitcase is not a solution as its very costly. So we decide to wrap all 5 pillows in a plastic sheet then compress the set of 5 pillows by creating a very high vacuum inside the plastic sheet. This results in the set of 5 pillows to occupy very less space and pillows can now come in the suitcase. Suppose after using this compression the pillows are taken to place B. At place B, the pillows can't be used as they are wrapped in a sheet and due to vacuum they have become too hard. To make them usable again they need to be uncompressed and taken out from the plastic sheet.

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The same happens with DTH Service. Pillows are the signals of audio and video which needs to come from DTH Broadcasting Center to your home. But the wireless path from DTH office to your home via a satellite is not having the capacity to carry the signals in uncompressed form. And renting new path (new satellite) is extremely costly. So the only option left is to compress / encode the signal using technologies like MPEG-4 for video and Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital + for audio. These audio and video signals are compressed and then sent over to your home but as the pillows were unusable in the same way these signals are of no use until decompressed / decoded. The set top box provided by your service provided is responsible for decoding the video signals from MPEG-4. But STB is not equipped with software and hardware to decode sound. It cannot extract the 5.1 or 7.1 sounds from the incoming signal and provide it to you through its outputs where your multimedia speakers can be connected. Click next to read more and also learn how to connect home theater system to set top box and get to know about some of the best and cheap home theater systems available in market.

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