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3. Shaw Academy (Review)

What they say:

  1. Offer the highest  transparent, practical, quality, education.
  2. Live lessons from professionals with fully interactive bonus Q & A sessions.
  3. Accredited Diploma upon course completion.
  4. Equips students with the most up-to-date industry developments and focuses on learning outcomes.
  5. Many international organizations approve and support their programs.
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What we say:

  1. Provides courses in different areas like Finance, Photography, Nutrition, Graphic Design, Diet and Weight. Learn as much as you can, develop as many skills as you can at one stop shop.
  2. Information Technology (IT) Computer Science (CS) related Courses are very basic in nature like Excel, Photoshop. These courses will provides lower to middle level jobs. As they are not designed for high paying research / industry jobs.
  3. Group Purchase option is available, they may offer group discounts.
  4. Diploma is having slightly higher value than a certificate course but lower value than a degree based course.
  5. One may get confused so as to go for which Paid Course on a particular topic.
  6. Courses are taught by Professionals but the site does not talk about them.
  7. Interactive Question & Answer sessions are conducted in each course which helps in getting the in depth understanding of the topic.
  8. Course outline is available for each topic and they also have a 30 days money back guarantee, this will help student in taking the decision of getting enrolled in the course and claiming the refund, in case the student is not satisfied with the quality of the online course.

We suggest the following courses for getting enrolled:

  1. Foundation Diploma in Microsoft Excel
  2. Introduction to Photoshop
  3. Introduction to Web Development
  4. Foundations of Mobile App Development
  5. Diploma in Digital Marketing

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Take a Break and Laugh with CompleteGATE Fun Bytes. Fun Bytes is a collection of comic / funny / humorous content, Especially for you!

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