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Challenges Faced By students of online universities / online colleges or online schools

  1. Interviewer will ask why you went for online college courses instead of regular college degrees? Be prepared with the answer. I was not able to clear the entrance exam is not an acceptable answer. Answers like, I was very much interested in joining the regular college but my family needed my financial support which forced me to go for earn and learn. This is one of the case of acceptable answer which not only shows that you are a responsible person who support his family in bad times but also shows your extreme desire to study and get a degree against all odds.
  2. Your colleague with regular college degree may try to show their superiority over you, however this may be due to the jealous which they will have as you will be more sound in technical knowledge than them.
  3. You yourself may regret why you went to an online college and not to a regular college.

Things to take care of before joining an online course

  1. Understand the difference between a Degree Course and a Certificate Course. Degrees can be awarded only by Universities or Institutes recognized by government, where as certificates can be issued by any organization. Prefer Degree courses over Certified Courses (if possible).
  2. Check the affiliation of the online college / online university / online school before enrolling in it. Many of them are unrecognized by the government and some are even blacklisted or not authorized to issue degrees. Do check their affiliation from technical board of your country in case of technical education only. Countries like India also require approval of AICTE to run technical courses along with the standard government approval. Only the central / federal, state government are authorized to affiliate the institute / college or sometimes an organization affiliated by government to affiliate other institutes is also established. Do have a proper understanding of all these as per the rules of your country, else you will end up with a degree or certificate which is not acceptable by the recruiters.

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Some short term certificate courses in the area of Computer Science for high paying industrial jobs are as follows

  1. Computer Networking (Lower-Middle Level): Recommended Courses are CCNA, CCNP.
  2. System Administrator (Middle Level): Recommended Courses are Solaris Administration, Red Hat Certified Professional.
  3. VFX Editor (Upper-Middle Level): For those interested in making movies like Avatar, Final Destination, Terminator which are full of Visual Effects, Recommended Courses are Adobe CC Film Production, Adobe CC Cartoon Production, Adobe after effects.
  4. Operator level / Reception Job (Lower-Middle Level): Any small course on Microsoft Office.(Don't expect high salary but at least you will get employed)
  5. Database Administration (Middle-Level): Recommended Courses are on MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle Database.
  6. Application Development (Upper-Middle Level): Recommended Courses are Android / IOS / Windows App and Web Application Development courses.
  7. Research Oriented / High Paying Industrial Jobs (Middle and Upper Level): Recommended Courses are Big Data, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Scala, MongoDB and related topics.
  8. Other topics which can get you good salaries are: Software Quality (Prefer Along with a Regular Degree Course), Network Security (You should be good in Mathematics).

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Take a Break and Laugh with CompleteGATE Fun Bytes. Fun Bytes is a collection of comic / funny / humorous content, Especially for you!

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