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If you are a single digit rank holder, Congratulations. The ball is in your court, all IITs and IISc have kept their GATE open for you. Apply to the one where you like to get admission and pack your bags for your new life.

If you are a double digit rank holder, Congratulations to you too. The ball is in your court but you may not hit it in the way you want, some IITs have kept their GATE open for you. Apply to your top 3-4 preferences and surely you will get admission in any one of them. If your rank is close to 10, you will get your first preference for sure. but if your rank is close to 99 then it all depends on the seat availability and the preference of the 98 students who have secured a lesser rank than you. But you will get a seat in one of the IIT for sure.

If you are a triple digit rank holder then you are eligible for IIT and NIT, depending on how close is your rank from 100. You have missed a golden chance by a bit. But no worries you still have some options left like

  1. IITs which are at the end of preference list of students.
  2. Second or third admission list of top IITs.
  3. Appearing in an interview for admission.
  4. Getting admission into a 3 year M.Tech program or MS / Direct PhD.
  5. Going for Interdisciplinary courses.

By the way, this is for general category applicants only. Reserved Category applicants may even get admission in IITs with a 4 digit rank, if of course their rank is close to 1000.

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Now, lets try to answer the toughest question of where will you get admission on a particular rank / score. There is no tabular chart for this indicating that if your rank is between 10-40 you will get IITB, 40-70 then IITD and so on. There are a number of things which effect your admission like:

  1. Your GATE Score.
  2. Your Preference list of institutes / IITs.
  3. Seat availability in various IITs.
  4. Preference list of students who have a higher score than you.
  5. Number of students who upgraded their institute to an IIT which was on top of their preference list.
  6. Number of students who want to take admission based on previous year's GATE Score (Higher than you).
  7. Number of students interested in your particular course and having a higher GATE Score than you.
  8. Course availability at IIT, Not all engineering branches are available in every IIT.
  9. Number of students who gave GATE for PSU and got a higher score than you.
  10. Number of students with higher GATE score than yours who have decided to go abroad for studies.

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