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Abbreviations Used in the list

CSE = Computer Science & Technology CS = Computer Science
CE = Computer Engineering  
SE = Software Engineering
IS = Information Security IT = Information Technology
XT = Computer Technology CN = Computer Network


Preference List of NITs subject wise for M.Tech in Computer Science and related streams in NITs (To be filled in CCMT form)

  1. NIT Warangal CSE
  2. NIT Tiruchirapalli CS
  3. NIT Warangal IS
  4. NIT Allahabad CSE
  5. NIT KarnatakaSurathkal CSE
  6. NIT Calicut CSE
  7. NIT KarnatakaSurathkal IS
  8. NIT Tiruchirapalli CS
  9. NIT Allahabad IS
  10. NIT Jaipur CE
  11. NIT Rourkela CS
  12. NIT Calicut IS
  13. NIT KarnatakaSurathkal IT
  14. NIT Allahabad SE
  15. NIT Kurukshetra CE
  16. NIT NagpurCSE
  17. NIT Rourkela IS
  18. NIT Surat CE
  19. NIT Durgapur CSE
  20. NIT Rourkela SE
  21. NIT Hamirpur CSE
  22. NIT Jalandhar CSE
  23. NIT Durgapur SE
  24. NIT Durgapur IS
  25. NIT Patna CSE
  26. NIT Agartala CSE
  27. NIT Patna CSE
  28. NIT Bhopal IS
  29. NIT Bhopal CN
  30. NIT Raipur XT

Note: This list is based on CCMT cut off 2012. This list is for the purpose of suggestion/information only. You are requested to refer other sources and take decision on your own risk. will not be responsible for any consequences arising out by your use of this list.

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